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Ociswap will provide a secure , trustless and self-custodial environment for exchanging your favorite cryptocurrencies on RadixDLT. It will be the first pairwise DEX native to Radix and is scheduled to launch on the very first day of the Babylon update.

Since the initial announcement in November '21, Ociswap rapidly rooted itself within the Radix community by not only partnering with 50+ validator nodes, but also by sucessfully organising 30+ airdrops to ensure a fair distribution of the $OCI-token to 10k+ community members.

Aside from offering capital efficient AMM functionality, the team is researching protocol owned liquidity and strategies to reduce the impact of impermanent loss. The features that set Ociswap apart from its competitors will be revealed in due time.

Ociswap has launched a cDEX (a centralised Automated Market Maker) to facilitate a means of trading before smart contracts are deployable on the Radix Network.

Ociswap will launch in Q1 2023 with the Radix Babylon update, but will be available for public testing on the Babylon Alphanet in Q3 2022.


Our vision is to offer everyone a quick, secure and low-cost swapping experience: wherever, whenever and whatever. We’re striving to become the flagship DEX in the Radix ecosystem by offering a feature-rich product and by shaping a vibrant, welcoming and engaging community around it.

Further in-depth information in our new Ociswap Docs!


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Great project in radix Comunity will be Frist DEX on Radix


I hope ociswap make NFT, thats best logo i think.

I’m just curious about the exact purpose of Ociswap, some of the NFTs project listing on their website.
Is it possible for Ociswap Dex to also open a Marketplace for NFT?
But with that combination it’s also really amazing.
:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: More functions the better.

If you want a great breakdown on ociswap then please watch this short video and what do yo think ? What is Ociswap ? - YouTube

New fresh information about Ociswap and the new cDEX launch! :heart_eyes_cat::rocket:

Add liquidity to our cDEX pools & start earning now :point_right: ociswap.com

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