StakeNordic looking for a backend developer / marketing manager is looking to expand the team.

We are looking for another backend developer to help build future dapps. We are currently using python pre-babylon and the right person hopefully has some experience with python or is willing to contribute time to learn and help improve our setup with our other developers. Python scripts and mongodb integration is currently used heavily on the nft marketplace pre-babylon.

But not all focus is on pre-babylon offcourse, so the python needs are short-term. Long term you will be learning scrypto with the others and how to use scrypto to build our future dapps (nft marketplace, staking platform). We will also be building, deploying and testing the dapps together as babylon draws closer.

We are also looking for someone to take lead on marketing as our marketing manager. This will involve being active in all channels and not only relaying news out from the team, but also communicating with the user base on needs, wishes and problems they may have with our services.

Please contact me for more info.