Radix Collection

Radix Collection


7 avatar series to be released before Babylon, each with 5 to 7 characters. 200 NFTs for each character.

Price of each NFT: 220 XRD or 2000 RADC




Love this project and everything the XIDAR team are doing for the Radix ecosystem - looking forward to battles releasing

If someone from the radix collection sees it.

I would love for radix collection to add a feature to unregister the wallet. for some reason i cleaned my wallet to make it look neat, but when i registered it the RC token kept showing up and made my radix wallet slow down.
I don’t know if too many types of tokens need to be displayed will slow down the wallet, but yeah, that’s how I feel.
if that’s allowed, maybe add those features.

Thank you

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They said they will gonna move away from sending out the badges as actual tokens if I am not mistaken.

That would probably mean you can send all the tokens you got by now to a burn address or back to them, cleaning up your wallet quite a bit.
I do not have knowledge about many different tokens beeing able to slow down the wallet but might be true.

Really looking forward to the battles as well and just like @Woodsman said, XIDAR team is doing really great and professional stuff for the Radix ecosystem

Yeah Cedric confirmed in TG that doing away with the badges and live-reading wallets is on the to-do list

But the problem will not be solved because new badges will appear when we print/achieve something.
I mean maybe something like not to keep logging in so it can stop the process of tagging the wallet address.
This is indeed a very interesting project, and one to look forward to.

Wait I might be misunderstanding you but they are actually trying to move away from using those tokens (and the transaction to your wallet) to list your badges. So no more new RCtokens will be send to you. As soon as that happens you might be able to burn the once you already have, leaving you with no RCtokens (other than their NFTs of course) but still with your badges on their website.