Are there any Radix NFT projects you're skeptical of?

Just curious if there’s any new or ongoing Radix NFT projects that people are skeptical about or think might not be legitimate. We’ve had a few bad actors, such as Ukiyo, appear on the scene and it seems only natural for that to increase, especially as we get closer to Babylon. Is there any project you’re unsure about? What resources are there to protect customers?

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I’d rather say red flags in this scenario instead of pointing out projects directly.

  • The creator has another NFT project already on Radix
  • Creator goes silent after a great first wave of sellout
  • No update in telegram / twitter - community looks dead
  • Changing the base price too often - it reflects that the owner only cares about selling out in the quickest way.

Yes that’s a good point. It is slightly tricky to openly discuss as you don’t want to create gossip about a project. On the other hand you don’t want any potential buyers losing their money. Would be cool if there was a project or team dedicated to auditing Radix NFT projects or something like that. You could earn a badge if all the boxes are checked, might be useful to new users.

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I have some NFT Lambo from radtrix, but I’m a little unsure about the image he has. did he take it from which source or is it legal. then he opened the second season with a picture of the moon, I doubt it too, I think it should be clear whether it was taken legally or just taken from somewhere else.

Maybe someone has another opinion on this?

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Thats why im skeptical with Radderflies. Yarne immediately started a second NFT project and doesn’t really seem to care about Radderflies anymore. He wants to milk the cow, that’s all.

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I think we need to be careful of most, look at cerby, one of the most promising. I am just investing in ociswap, once again because they have been given the approval of radix, radix is going to be a success and oci will follow for sure.

I think it’s because of the reputation of some of the team members. But the Radix team would not share its approval so offensively nowadays. Cerby didn’t just make us thinking. I think other projects are still worth investing in as well. Buff Wild, Radish Eco or Delphibets, for example, where Florian Pieper and Marco are also involved.


Good point, I also think that naming names is unfair and that is better just to point out the Red flags. The Radix ecosystem is flourishing for nft and a lot of other interesting projects, but I think this doesn’t guarantee that all the Radix projects are worth investing: we’ve already seen what happened with bad actors behind cerbymask and other projects. From my side, in order to evaluate wheter a project is trustworthy or not, I always pay attention to the creator’s profile, the way he interacts with his community and his communication strategy

What second project are you referring to? I’ve spoken with Yarne and David about implementing a serum like BAYC did to create Mutant Apes. They would be hiring an artist to make the art for the serum infused RadderFlies. They got so much heat for the licensing of the original radderfly images which is pretty common in NFTs. I definitely wouldn’t rule them out just yet! Also all their personal info and photos are on social media for anyone thinking negatively.

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There is some RadicalParrots project Yarne helped and pepole think he is involved. He stated that he is not directly involved and that he is helping (or something like that).


You could always ask Daxter on twitter, he is very active there. There are also TG groups of his projects so you could ask there.

Yeah to be honest I am not a fan of either of those projects I dont like the art, we do need to be carful, there was another radxi project called badtrix I think or something I its dead , I am sure there will be more. @MaremmaMan I alos think a launchpad would be cool on Radix, cerby was doing this but yeah they are dead. This is the one, no activity since Jan so DYOR