Are you concerned about the token distribution on radix?

Seems lot a lot of whales, and the team owns 75% of circulating supply, which is quite high.

A little bit to be honest , i have seen quite a few people with over a million tokens , but what can be done ? As time goes on there willl be more wallets and more coins in each of them, I am not sure there is a solution , when you say teams owns 75 percent is that because of the vesting unlock, cause I am sure their tockenomics states less for teh team ?

Rug pull behind the corner? I’m not afraid, I trust the team. It’s almost a decade of sweat and effort behind Radix DLT. I’ve never read a more well written Whitepaper.

Real decentralization will arrive when the devs will loose control of the project. It requires time, but that seems to be the final intent.

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I wasn’t implying a rug pull. But to create a healthy economy, sometimes you need to balance certain variables quite delicately.

75% of current circulating supply, not of max supply

I agree that few people own the majority of the tokens. I think this is because this is ongoing project since 2013(!) so the truly early investors back then have a very high share.

Just like in every project case’s, we need trust. And I have fully have it, since the roadmap has been clearly met until now. I think the ownership of these tokens will change rapidly after Babylon, and after Radix nears the top 20.

I know all these things have been discussed by the team and re-voted in the big radix group. The reason is because the tokenomics in radix is the result of a long discussion with investors and also understanding the distribution that is large enough for floating is enough to make me think hard but if it is done with clear transparency and a trusted and solid team I don’t think there is a problem with some of these whales.

Yes I feel like we can trust the team, why do you think ownership will change rapidly after Babylon ?

Simply because after the first big wave, many whales might sell. They will have atleast 1000x-ed their money until then. But it is ok, since the tokens go back to regular investors.

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