Auto re-delegation setting proposal

If I want to stake to a node, and then forget about my staking without logging into my wallet for a long period of time, what if my validator goes permanently down? Will ever exist a sort of “set it and forget it” staking solutions? It would be nice to have an auto redelagation setting for my xrd if my node goes down.

What’s your opinion on this?

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I think thats a great idea, but if your node is in top 100 I dont think it will go down but I like the idea, not sure how easy it is to manage but its a great point I think you should share in the TG because I would like that sort of risk management.

That might not be a problem right now (even though it kinda already was, see the whole Viskosity thing; a node in the top 10 went down for multiple days and they unregistered but some are still staked to it!!), but it will when Xi’an gets released.

I’m not sure how it can be managed though, but Matt said that staking will become a dApp when Babylon is released so maybe we’ll see some dApps that automagically manage your staking? That would be cool.

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How can someone still stake to a node that is down, this should not happen right ? When you say staking will become a dapp what do you mean by that, like a dapp on your phone to see alert you what validators are down ? So a dapp that will automatically restake when one goes down ? I might ask this in TG and get a response will post if I do.
@Mattia also would be good include in the dap how much you make in rewards each day.

Some just kept staking blindly when the node was down and had an uptime of like 80%. But what I’m referring to is some users that are still staked to Viskosity because they “staked and forgot” and haven’t heard or notice what happened to their node. When Viskosity unregistered no new user could stake to them, but some old users are still staked there.

Another thing I’ll mention, just to get you thinking ahead… At Babylon, staking becomes a web dApp. Think about what that opens up in terms of dashboards that can be built for users in which staking can happen right there.

It probably means that you can stake using your web browser by connecting your wallet. Since it’s a dApp, you could code it to handle your staking for you as well. Just imagine the possibilities!