- A place to support creators you love

Hello everyone!

My name is Simon, and I’m the founder and builder of Backeum, a platform where you can financially support digital creators, influencers, or individuals you appreciate.

As a backer, you’ll earn a trophy, membership, and $THANKS tokens in rewards when you support a creator.

What are these things you’ve been given?

Trophy :trophy:
A trophy symbolizes encouragement and can be extended to have rewards depending on the creator’s preferences.

Membership :identification_card:
A membership is a log of all your donations to a creator and can be used to unlock exclusive content on Backeum or other platforms that use the membership card.

$THANKS token :pray:
$THANKS tokens are given at a 1:1 rate for each XRD you donate to a creator. There are plans to open a merchandise shop where backers can redeem these for exclusive items. This is on the roadmap, and exactly how this merchandise shop will look will be shared in the future.

Here are some other highlights of features in the roadmap:

  • Creator exclusive blog: Give backers access to exclusive content by the creator.
  • Tiered trophies, memberships, and creator badges: Level up your memberships and trophies based on the donation amounts.
  • Creative competitions: Host creative competitions and put together rewards in a pool.
  • Donation leaderboards: See who has donated what. True trophy hunters will shine with this feature.

If you have great ideas for features that fit Backeum, please comment below. :point_down:


so much to look forward with backeum!