Behind the scenes at FooHack

Hacking at FooHack was an amazing experience. Rather than discussing the project itself I thought I would take a few minutes to discuss what it was like behind the scenes. You will get a lot of this flavor when the videos come out (and the filming was extensive!), but I still wanted to write about it now while it is still fresh in my mind.

The first amazing thing is that they provided a private driver and car to take me from the LAX airport in Los Angeles directly to the hotel in Calabasas. They also rented a black surburban for the week that was used to ferry the team members to and from RedFoo’s ranch.

The ranch was up in the hills above Malibu and had an animal population of 6 dogs and 2 rescue cows. All meals were provided and they were all 100% vegan including a fantastic vegan sushi dinner at a local restaurant on the final evening.

Among the non-Radix activities were a few chess matches, a jam session and a poker session. It turns out that Wylie on drums and RedFoo on bass were more than a match for me on guitar. However I did prevail in the chess and poker games.

Have any other questions about this excellent adventure? I may start a separate thread about the coding which, after all, took up the bulk of the time and energy. The bottom line is that we got the basic system working and also included some of the stretch goals. Many Thanks to Radix Works and the RedFoo extended family for a unique experience!


That’s amazing, thank you for sharing! What’s RedFoo like in person?
Would you do this again if you had the opportunity? What would you change?


RedFoo is great. He is passionate about a lot of things and lives a very intentional life. He spends a lot of his energy encouraging people to apply themselves in creative ways to achieve fulfillment and make the world a better place. That sounds heavy but coming from RedFoo, it all comes across as fun and natural. And RedFoo is an expert on having fun!