Best Programming language as a fundament for Scrypto

If I would like to start learning to code with Scrypto but have no prior programming experience which language should I first learn before starting my Scrypto journey and why?


Definitely Rust, as Scrypto is based on Rust. If you’re new to coding and would prefer to learn an easier language first, you can start with Python which might give you some basic on how to “think” like a coder.
But if you want to jump on Scrypto asap, start with Rust.


Go so the journey would look something like this:
Get into Python to understand thinking concepts of coding
Go to rust and get sufficient knowledge about rust than switch to Scrypto and explore web3 programing?

For what is rust mainly used?

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Rust mainly used for dapps developer.
You can join the Scrypto class discord channel for starting in Scrypto.


Where I can find the group I repeatedly try to learn and install it independently, starting from the docs crypto tutorial, and reading several threads here and I always miss a lot of things.
Maybe you can share it so I can join in on slowly learning it. I mean I’m an inexperienced person who wants to try to learn it.

Thank you

The channel is called #scrypto-class-of-2022 and is just getting started


All info you need is in this thread #ScryptoClassof2022 Week 1, Chapter 1 Rust & Scrypto study group

Join the discord using the link in this article, scroll down the channels on the left side of discord until you see the the Developers section, then double click the room called Scrypto-Class-of-2022!

We hope to see you there soon!


@Austin @Mattia Thanks for telling me the right groups to start with, I’ve joined and will be starting more experiments. I hope this time I can do more. :pray:t2:

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@Mattia basically told you the best way to go, if I can add something from a software engineer perspective: if you start with Python, make sure to take extra look at the Object-Oriented Programming part of it. (OOP)

The concepts of OOP will help you understand better how components, blueprint work and what are they good for. (just one example)


Thx a lot for the advice
What is the difference between software engineer and programmer? Didn’t know there is a difference, but I am also a complete beginner with this

So OOP is just for structuring your code better? But it doesn’t change the things you coded but the formatting
Sorry if this is terrible wrong

Just to not drag this topic in to a very off direction: I think we can say that programmer solely concentrates on writing the code, while a software engineer take an active part from the requiremens definition until the delivery / deployment. There is a good article explaining the difference.

You can basically achieve the same functionality without OOP, but it is definitely easier with OOP. It is not just the formatting, but the structure / logic of the code differs. We think in term like classes, objects, methods, attributes, etc… Also recommend here an article which can explain better than me. :slight_smile: