Blue Chick NFTs

Blue Chick NFTs?

The Blue Chicks NFTs is an exclusive collection of 9,999 immutable & procedurally generated chicks with proof of ownership stored on the Radix network. Each Blue Chick is unique & genetically constructed the moment you mint it.

:blue_heart: The purpose of the Blue Chick collection goes beyond just creating NFTs. It aims to foster a community-driven project that promotes Radix adoption and enhances the utility of NFTs as a whole.

We believe that NFTs & Gaming are the perfect play to introduce the Radix DeFi ecosystem to the wider audience. By fostering a community-driven approach and establishing a robust DAO, the collective efforts of our community will breathe life into the Blue Chicks narrative and cultivate an ever-expanding ecosystem.

So, what can Blue Chicks do?

Aside from being very cool profile pictures, the utilities that these chicks come with range from things like assembling your platoon within the PVP P2E Artillery Tactical Game, giving you access to the DAO and its Treasury management, community events, claiming limited NFTs, airdrops, and more!

Fight in a PVP P2E Artillery Tactical Game

One of the first waypoints in the Blue Chicks universe is the Artillery Tactical Game, where your ultimate objective is to lead a platoon of x5 fierce chicks and emerge as the sole surviving force on the battlefield.

Each Blue Chick’s distinctive attributes will determine the NFT weaponry they’ll receive via airdrops.

:sparkles: Make your Chicks work for you.

Big things are in store for the Blue Chick holders, one of which is the ability to let your chick be recruited by other players, enabling you to earn a portion of the spoils from their victorious battles. Juicy, right? :eyes:

Reserve your seat at The Mighty Chicks DAO

Each Blue Chick derived from the Genesis 9,999 mint has the power to partake in governance, asset control, and tournament organization on the path to reaching total decentralization and community ownership.

The DAO will receive funding through several channels, such as:

  • 20% from the Genesis x9999 Blue Chick mint
  • Up to 90%* of the proceeds from additional NFT mints
  • Royalties from the secondary market of every NFT sale
  • Investing, trading, or executing DeFi strategies

*Over time, the percentage allocation will gradually increase until it reaches 100%.

What’s next?

Lots of alpha…We have big plans for the Blue Chicks NFTs besides delivering awesome gaming experiences, growing the DAO’s treasury, and sharing the gains.

Above all, we are focusing on building a community and binding it together to create a feeling of true belonging and ownership that will help in deciding the development of the Blue Chicks ecosystem.
If you want to be part of this journey, be sure to follow our Twitter, join our Discord, and share your thoughts and ideas… and we’ll catch you on the RADIX network!

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