Can Radix Deliver Key Infrastructure for "Network States"

Network States Initiative Website

Hi everyone. This concept was introduced in a side chat about how universal basic income can work with DAO’s to build credible decentralized identity systems. The Network State article dives into a new idea of a network of people, like a nation, connected via things like purpose, leadership and currency, but distributed virtually across the world in online communities and real life places that might be securitized and record on a DLT as well.

I think Radix definitely has a role in helping this & would love to hear some thoughts.


Not sure about network states but if radix is going to be the back done of finance then i think it will be the network state as everything will be built on it from money to voting to governance

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I think the blueprint system will allow anyone to copy network state frameworks and easily implement their own on Radix. (So not necessarily that Radix itself = Network State, although that is also possible)

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