Can Radix support something like Superfluid staking as found on Atom?

This is when you can use tokens for staking and for pooling, I dont know if it possible with ociswap and radix so would be great so hear some thoughts I appreciate if not many people can answer this. It works great on cosmos block chains and is pretty revolutionary. Way above my paygrade but some super radix nerds can answer.

I actually got a response from Florien on this.

Good idea actually, problem is that it is currently not possible to stake from inside Scrypto. I talked with Matt about that a while ago. He mentioned security issues. I am on the fence with it. On the one hand it makes easier to mess with stake (and screw it up ^^) on the the other hand you don’t want to force people to use centralised staking services for liquid staking … Neither are great, personally I tend to provide staking support in Scrypto

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