Can Validators increase their fees?

Yes, Validators can increase and decrease their fees at any time, subject to the rules below:

Fee Increases

  • A 500 epoch delay occurs before the fee increase is applied
  • Fees may only increase by a maximum absolute increase of 10% at a time (e.g. from 0% to 10%, or 2% to 12%). If a validator wants to increase their fees by more than 10% then they will need to apply the changes over multiple 500 epoch delays.
  • The new, higher fee, will be displayed immediately in the Radix Explorer so that existing and potential stakers can see what the new fee will be.

Fee Decreases

  • A fee decrease will take effect at the start of the next epoch
  • There is no limit to the decrease (e.g. from 20% to 0%)

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