CaviarNine Validator Partnership Program

We are overwhelmed with the support that the community has shown by staking with us. Currently there is 92 million XRD staked across our Singapore and India nodes. However, it is important for the Radix protocol security that stake isn’t concentrated with just a few validators.

As a consequence, we will STOP ACCEPTING NEW STAKE on a validator if it reaches 50 million XRD. We appreciate that many people stake with us in order to receive airdrops of CAVIAR and in order to allow more people to participate in the airdrops and maintain network security, we will be starting a Partner program with up to 3 validator teams.

If you are a validator team with:

  • Less than 12mio XRD delegated
  • A good track record of uptime
  • Performant IT stack (including backup node)
  • Interested in the Caviar Ecosystem

We would be really interested in hearing from you!
Please reach out to someone on the Caviar team to discuss. Discord invite at