C'mon you blues (how to support Radix community)

How to support the Radix community and devs;

  1. if in doubt ask. no such thing as a stupid question, only those too stupid to ask.
  2. be honest. liers need very good memories and Radix is going to be around for a very long time.
  3. be kind and remember just because you know something doesn’t mean everyone else does.
  4. hit as many like buttons on twitter as you can unless you disagree with post, find offensive, scammy or pointless. this not only grows awareness for Radix and the projects (devs) but yourself also.
  5. report any issues, problems and falsehoods immediately. do this simply by politely DM (msg) dev who will want to know asap, if they have fucked up or help put you straight if you misunderstood something. rectifying a mistake is good. ignoring a mistake could have a negative outcome.
  6. HAVE FUN and try your best to make the world a little less shitty by not being a bitch etc

i do twitter mainly. there is an official e-mail on radixdlt.com for any queries and reports. it depends if the problem is Radix team or community team related i guess. good point thanks.

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Being active on Twitter with a scorp pfp definitely supports Radix as well :stuck_out_tongue:


One thing that came to my mind and wasn’t mentioned:

Radix has just launched its’ volunteer program. That is probably one of the best ways you can contribute.

Find details here: Radix Ambassador Program Update | The Radix Blog | Radix DLT


Uhmm I think I will provide support for radix to the community and development in the form of Knowledge Blog about Crypto and radix Network, As I’m currently doing, I’m more active on telegram, twitter, and the large Radixtalk community group.

Fraud is currently on the rise, that’s why I took the initiative to protect the community by providing correct and fast information. More contributions I hope, make the future brighter.


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Scorp NFT pfp
Post good stuff on facebook crypto channels
Be active on TG
Help others on TG
Support Radix talk
Like radix video’s on yt and on the radix channel
Attend radix meetups

But at the end of the day the team need to meet roadmap goals and make the tech work that will be the only real thing that supports the project.

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Personally, I am trying to be active on TG, INS, and with all those people who are really interested in the project. However, I think that one of the best ways to support the community is to organize meetups. Personally, I hope I will be able to attend the next Italian meetup so as to bring with me a lot of new faces (the last meetup was in Milan, hope to see something also in other cities)



Do you mean Instagram? Is Radix even present on Instagram? I did not know that.


My bad, written in this way was a bit unclear. Yes, I mean Instagram but since Radix is not present on the platform, I’m trying to support our project by citing our brand name in the main ins crypto pages, so as to spread awareness.

Anyway, do you know why Radix is not on Instagram?


Oh I see!
Anyways, I just asked and Radix will be on Instagram!



Thanks for asking! I was actually going to create a new thread dedicated to this in the question/help section ahah, but it’s great to know that they are working on it!