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I noticed that the comments below a topic are sorted chronologically. Even if a comment is a reply to another comment it gets posted at the bottom. The option to expand the message it relates to is great, but I still would favor posting it right below the referred message.

Hard to see the different conversations within a topic for me currently.


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Sorry, but this is a limitation of Discourse, there’s no way to switch to a hierarchical order for the replies.
You can see the reasons here Understanding and Using Discourse's Flat Threading - Meta - Rubin Observatory LSST Community forum and here Web Discussions: Flat by Design

Thanks for the feedback!


that was quite an interesting read. Thank you for the input!

Is it just me or does the reply option doesnt work some times? when I reply to a comment (right bottom of a comment) it shows my reply with the name of the person I want to reply to in the top, but after sending its posted like a topic reply. It worked like that couple days ago but now it failed to work like that for multiple attempts now.

Am I doing something wrong? Anyone has got the same problem?

The username of the person you’re replying to doesn’t show if you’re replying to the latest post. Is that what you’re describing? Like for example right now I’m replying to your post but since it’s the last post before mine, it will just look like a topic reply.


Thanks for clarification. Still need to get used to this flat threading thing here :slight_smile:

I agree, it’s a bit confusing at the beginning. But I just changed some settings and now you should be able to see who you replied to (and who replied to who) even when it’s the last post. Let me know if it’s better now!

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yes now it looks like what I was expecting :slight_smile: little more consistency is always something I like, awesome!

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