DELPHIBETS 🔮 The first prediction market protocol on Radix!

DELPHIBETS is the first prediction market protocol exclusively on Radix DLT :crystal_ball::fire:

With the launch of Babylon, DELPHIBETS will provide an intuitive prediction interface. You will then have the opportunity to bet on future events and compete with opposing bettors. While we, as an intermediary, ensure the safe payout of successful bets and the correct distribution of wagers, you can multiply your stakes, climb the leaderboard and earn privileges. More detailed information will be available soon.

1.) Team

Our team has 10+ years of experience in software development, marketing and digital communication. With DELPHIBETS, we have combined and channeled our previous experience to provide excellence in development & growth.

Involved are:
Martin Müller, Rakaunaut, Felix, Chris, Jeremy, Jonas (Radix German), Marco (Ociswap) & Florian (Florian Pieper Staking & Ociswap).

2.) Tokenomics

$DPH is the native token of DELPHIBETS with a total supply of 99,999,999 $DPH. Our token will play a leading role on our platform. With the launch of Babylon, you will be able to use our Token $DPH for the future bets of your choice. Further, we reward your participation, commitment and dedication. You will be able to stake $DPH with us, get involved in validating bets or participate in decision making.

3.) How do I get §DPH?

Currently it is not possible to trade $DPH. At the moment our Staking and Comunity Airdrop are the only opportunities to get $DPH. At a later date, we also plan to have a very limited presale.

  1. Stakers of our partner nodes and those of the top 100 validators regularly receive airdrops of our token. But only the stakers of the DELPHINODE get a special bonus that doubles the amount of $DPH you receive (until 1% validator stake, afterwards you will still receive a 50% bonus).

  2. During our community events we reward your active participation with $DPH airdrops. Stakers, especially those of the DELPHINODE, might have a special advantage here as well.

4.) Staking on the ":classical_building: DELPHINODE"

:warning: We are reaching the 1% validator stake on the DELPHINODE very soon. To receive the bonus in the future and double your amount of $DPH by staking you should hurry up.

5.) Additional information

:raised_hands: We will announce our roadmap in the near future. Very soon we will also start with our community events that will be a lot of fun and lucrative for you. Don’t miss to register with our @delphibetsbot and stay tuned. Follow us to make sure you don’t miss anything:

:iphone: Telegram
:bird: Twitter:
:globe_with_meridians: Website:


Take a shot at correctly predicting the outcome of the 2022 NBA Finals for your chance to win DPH. For more information, check out the DELPHIBETS Telegram Page!


RadixTalk is back - stronger than ever! We wish you the best and will continue to enjoy being involved in the forum! :raised_hands:t2::fire:


:crystal_ball: PREDICTION EVENT #6: BEAT THE MARKET :chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend::facepunch:

Inflation rates around the world are at their highest for decades, and investors fear the interest rate policies of the central banks. Russia is at war with Ukraine. Then there are China and Taiwan. Surely you know how the markets will develop! Don’t you?

Welcome to our first multi-prediction, this time it’s about:
Bitcoin, XRD and the S&P 500.

Place your prediction now: PREDICTION EVENT #6

3 x 25.000 DPH WILL BE DISTRIBUTED :fire: