Did you lose money from Luna?

If so, why did you invest in the first place and at what point did you decide to cut your losses? Or did you run it down to 0?

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It was a very precise incident but, I didn’t think it would fall that deep at first. but i made some profit before and it became worth it.

i lost a small amount in daytrading. but 5hats part of the game :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Yeah, lost a few hundred dollars there. It is what is is, learnt the lesson.
The reason why I invested because the hype was huge, and also I never cut my losses :smiley: I saw it live going from 80usd to literally 0.

I had never owned Luna. When the price crashed, I followed the course quite intensively. I got in at the bottom with very little money and was one of the few who made a profit in the chaos. For all those who lost money, I am sorry. This was really not foreseeable, especially since Luna is not bad compared to other blockchains…

Lol luna rip me off.

Straight 100% loss and i never excepted this from luna

I got straight loss from luna also its not bad but falling too much dos’t look legit to me.


I never invested as the mc was always to high, but I am in osmosis which is an amazing dex in the pools and some were us terra pools. So i lost quite a bit there, i could not come out as tokens were locked for 2 weeks so nothing I could do, the truth is we all make mistakes and mistakes help us learn and become wiser, experienced ,mistakes actual strengthen projects to become better and luna will strengthen the whole industry

I will be honest, greed and FOMO taken over and I lost few hundred dollars, too. Luckily, I always strictly followed the rule of only investing what I can afford to loss. In any case, I learnt the lesson: the crypto world is like this, big gains and big losses. This time I failed.

A couple of months I was rather close to put some of my savings into Anchor 20% APY where just very tempting since it felt safe.

Now I am so happy I didn’t do that! Not only having the money lost sucks but also the mental strain and stress sucks big time

Already lost enough in this market with out Luna luckily also only money that I can afford to lose even though still painful

And I’m currently trying to get back into luna, maybe it’s terrible but I want to try to believe them again.
Well it’s like a gamble, I’m investing myself today for Luna and let’s see, whether it will be a big profit or not, because of the current bear market, I have to dare to try hard choices.

I hope he doesn’t eat my money this time, LOL

Do you mind if I ask you the reasons behind your faith in luna2?

You admitted yourself that this is like gambling. I also lose an important sum of money with luna, but I will surely not invest anymore in any of their related project. At most, after reading that Do Kwon allegedly withdrew 80 million monthly before the project crashed. After this large scale collapse, I suppose it will nearly impossible to restore faith among investors: for now, the luna2 and lunc market is all about gamblers and FOMO.

Gonna be very interesting if Luna 2.0 manages to get back…I have the feeling the general sentiment is not in favor for them but you never know

Maybe they will rise in the coming bullmarket again