Do you have other investments than crypto? If yes, what exactly?

I’m invested in the stock market.

  • Logitech
  • UBS
  • Relief Therapeutics
  • Roche Holding

Also i have some shares from a local brewery from my town.

Yes, I have.

Most of my capital are in government securities (very low risk, but also low reward).

The rest of my capital are split between stocks and crypto. I have a bigger share in crypto (and Radix) because I drive the high reward and believe in the technology. :slight_smile:

I also have a few tech stocks like Apple, Microsoft also because they look promising to me in a 5-year-scale.

Yes, I think another investment I have is a physical investment.

Gold, House, And some cattle. It is very good and rotates for each season.
More stable but sometimes difficult to cash out. Especially when the local community’s economy falls.

Maybe someone has an opinion what physical investment might be good for the current conditions?

i only know gold and silver. should be more or less stable. but what about government bonds? should also be very stable.

Yes i think investing in gold , silver would be my another choice

No , everything I have is in crypto because its the future, I have brought land in two upcoming games and I am pretty hugely invested in atom as its interchain protocol is really good and growing alot, it could be the backbone of a big part of web3

Maybe gold and silver are good choices, but where can you store them safely. and some corporate gold in the form of letters with sufficient liquidty but some lie and do not have real gold.

Mate buying Gold stocks is a total lie, just like money is a lie, there is only about 10 percent of actual cash in society, if you dont won the gold in your hands its not yours hahah

we have same problems with “stablecoins”. ust was a big shit, there are always rumors about other stable coins.

No, apart from the traditional ones (like banking), I only have crypto investments. It all started mainly for curiosity, but also because the world of cryptos is related to what I studied during my master’s degree.