Do you prefer one marketplace for NFTs or multiples?

I think one centralised marketplace is way better than more. i saw almost every ecosystem has or is planing to have their own marketplace.
with one maretplace you have a much bigger selection and you can attract more new investors.
what’s your oppinion?


I also like the idea of one marketplace, but don’t believe that what’s gonna happen.

Since I have never owned an NFT before Radix (now I pretty much have a zoo in my wallet… :slight_smile: ), having one marketplace only would be easier for me to get used to, learn its mechanism, features etc.

But afaik, there will be multiple marketplaces, since many people will have the knowledge to build one, and that’s okay. The advantage we can have here, that projects will compete with each other, and therefore motivate each other to build a better, user-friendlier platform. Maybe one of them will step out just like OpenSea did in Ethereum. :slight_smile:

imagine you’re invested in 10 nft projects and then you see the are distributed to 4 marketplaces. this would be very complicated. but maybe the creators will talk together and find a good solution.

Agree witg you instead of having investment in different nfts marketplace i would prefer in getting on one thats opensea

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Well they dont all do the same thing for instance foton will allow you to use different NFT in different games all built with the SDK of that platform, this is something Vlad wants to build.

We’ll probably benefit from one clear go-to point in terms of marketplaces (like OpenSea is). But I can imagine some niche marketplaces that focus on specific NFT categories that would otherwise not be as visible.

Whichever becomes the biggest marketplace is imo best left up to the community to choose by just using the one they like most.


If it’s an NFTs market I’d prefer it there are plenty of markets that handle it.
because it will have more options to do, and some people have a particular hobby or desire. so it would be better if they were in a different marketplace.

and the main concern will be the issue of liquidity > :slight_smile:

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I see liquidity as one of the most important features on a marketplace and is basically only created by the size of active users (and the size of their pockets of course). So I dont quite know if many marketplaces would be a good thing.

I basically had the same thoughts about the whole decentralized exchange situation where I wonder how many of those are practical.

On the other side competition is such a great driver of almost any industry, so tough call to make.

We are discussing and trying to have some interoperable format for the NFTs in one of the Telegram channels for NFT creators. The problem i believe right now is that we are all exploring what we can do with these NFTs on Radix and what utility to give them. So since we don’t even know for sure what’s the final form we are doing research and explorations, but the idea would be that even if we have more marketplaces to have these NFTs interoperable or atleast able to list from maretplace to marketplace.

Something like this happens anyway on Ethereum or Solana ecosystems, where one new marketplace pops up and makes a Vampire attack by listing other platforms content to some extent and users. What will differentiate marketplaces I think is content and extended utility. Plus community offcourse.


Just a quick one, will the foton market place have a function with an automatic mint built in for creators ? I think stasshh has it all built in there.

I only know of the VeChain and Cardano space when it comes to NFTs, whats interesting is that while first to market does indeed make huge profit, its usually the marketplaces that scale well in all aspects(Performance, UX, project onboarding UX) that eventually surpass other competitions. So if you’re looking to create a marketplace, if you do it right, not just be the first, you will eventually outclass others.

I had a look at stash but don’t see details of all these tools. Maybe i have to install the wallet and mint something to see them. But anyway, yes I plan to have tools also for minting and generating these 2d/3d NFT collections. You would upload your layered images for each attribute and generate combinations, which then you can mint once you’re happy with the results. I think would speed up adoption and the creation cycle.