Does anyone here use hardware wallets?

Was thinking of making a purchase but really don’t know much about hardware wallets. If I did get a ledger or something similar, could I store my XRD from my Radix desktop wallet? How does it work if you have XRD staked, could you still store it with the hardware wallet? What about NFTs / Radix alts?

I really suggest buying a ledger and securing it with your radix wallet, its very easy to do i use a ledger with radix and you want to be able to make sure its safe, its secures the whole wallet , you need to unstake all I am afraid but its worht it to secure your funds

Yes, you could still store it with hardware wallet. I also was thinking about buying a ledger in order to store in a safer way my xrd. Recently the App is available on Nano S and model X. It seems pretty safe and convenient.

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Oh really? So I could store both staked XRD and any of the radix alts like Oci and DGC? Same for NFTs I assume?

The ledger would generate a new radix wallet address with it’s own private key. The private key in an encrypted form is the seed phrase.
It would be best to use the ledger to create a new wallet address instead of reusing the one that was created via your radix desktop wallet app. The ledger will create one for you offline, and so your private key will never be exposed to potential prying eyes like it can be when it’s created online with a desktop wallet app; since a desktop computer could possibly be infected.
The ledger desktop app itself supports being able to create a radix wallet address, however it doesn’t currently support managing the new address in the way the radix desktop wallet does, yet. So you couldn’t use the ledger app to send, stake etc. You’d need to connect your ledger to your PC and utilize the radix desktop wallet app to do so until then.
Even still, using a hardware wallet just for purpose of being able to create a new offline private key would be the main point of choosing to use a ledger.

Thus, if you decide to get a ledger and create a new private key/seed phrase, then yeah, you’d need to unstake, then transfer your tokens to your new public address.

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I’d recommend the nano s plus.

I first bought the nano x, the one with the bluetooth. Horrible. Couldn’t get it to connect to anything in any way, even with a USB. Went on reddit to troubleshoot, and I wasn’t the only one with that problem.

The nano s plus is perfect. No issues whatsoever.

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Yes, it seems to work for other tokens and nfts as well. The only annoying thing is that you will have to unstake all your xrd and transfer them on the new private key generate from the ledger. The unstaking process, also in this case, requires 2/3 weeks.

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Really? Yikes that’s definitely not ideal. Especially if you got in below 2% for partner node bonuses!!! Is there a way around that or are you just out of luck?

Yep. Outta luck.

I had to do it 2 weeks ago. Annoying.

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If you don’t use a ledger, you could get all your stuff stolen quite easily if your computer gets a virus or if someone who knows your password gains access to your device (mobile wallets are particularly a vulnerability). In addition, once Babylon launches, a dApp could trick you into approving a transaction that cleans you out, but the ledger would protect you by adding an additional confirmation step.

If you have a ledger, in order to get robbed, someone needs to either find your seed phrase, or have physical access to your ledger, radix password, ledger pin, and radix pin.

Well that just sucks. I can’t lose my staking priority and because the nodes are over 2% I wouldn’t be able to get back in for the bonuses. Guess I’m not buying a hardware wallet. Smh

yeah. that does suck lol

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I recycled a old laptop. Clean the Drive and install the Linux Distribution of choice.

Never even open the browser once or only once to download the official radix wallet

No updates, no using it for anything other than the wallet.
I transfer addresses over with a flash drive.

I see this as a very safe method, since the danger comes from browsing the web mainly.


Well, this is not a bad idea at all…


That’s really cool idea. Wish my old laptop wasn’t covered in beer lol

Yes i am using hardware wallet it’s most secure . But i don’t how to import xrd wallet phrase key in ledger wallet ?

I do think this is quite a safe way to work with and most of us have an old laptop laying around somewhere anyway :smiley:

@MaremmaMan is debeering a think yet?

Maybe it’s possible to store some Alts tokens, but a little doubt as it’s still very early to use hardwallet.

The ledger wallet has its own seed phrase, that’s what makes it secure - it never connects to the internet, it generates the seed phrase itself.

You can only connect 1 hardware wallet per “account” on the radix Olympia wallet