Earning with liquidity pools/token staking

Lots of new projects have been popping up lately on Radix, with some very interesting features for those that want to earn some more using DeFi.

For example I’ve been reading about the possibility of adding liquidity to the trading pools on Ociswap and RadixPlanet, with APY from 0.5% all the way to 190%.

There’s also $FLOOP staking on dsor.io with an APY of 10-14%.

Other than impermanent loss in some cases, are there other risks? Are you going to start using these new tools to earn some $XRD?

I’m personally very interested in adding liquidity to XRD/OCI either on Ociswap (currently giving a 14.76% APY) or RadixPlanet (15.15% APY). I think I need $PLANET to do so on RadixPlanet which might explain the slightly higher APY.

I also gave a quick look to $FLOOP staking, but it appears you could lose some benefits since you wouldn’t be holding $FLOOP anymore.

Thoughts? So excited to see so many new DeFi tools already! I might have to add a “DeFi” category :wink:

Great summary,
There’s actually one more thing that you might want to add to the topic, which is liquidity mining rewards, which was recently distributed (500k+ planet) for both liquidity providers and traders as well but the big bag was for liquidity providers,
In average, liquidity providers got approx ~3 planet per each xrd they provided for a month

In average, liquidity providers got approx ~3 planet per each xrd they provided for a month

Are there still liquidity mining rewards on RadixPlanet? I only see maker/taker airdrops here: Planet Token - RadixPlanet

Oh, yes, we announced it but forgot to update this page, but same tokenomics apply, the portion of liquidity providers are from the 50% (makers), the traders part is from the taker %

Is it this one?

  • 50% (50,000,000 PLANET) will be used to reward early supporters and market-makers on the website as follows:

Portion of this value to be distributed to a number of early market maker users who has been supporting the website since its start until the announcement of planet token as a loyalty reward
Pridically airdropping (typically each month) PLANET to market makers to reward them for their effort porpotionally to their atual trades values, the more trades values they did, the more PLANET they receive

I can’t seem to find more information as it seems you guys don’t have a Telegram group or other info somewhere else. Would love to see a thread about RadixPlanet explaining everything here on RadixTalk, when you have the time. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion, we just didn’t update the page yet to show liquidity mining rewards, but as I said liquidity providers will be rewarded as market makers, traders will be rewarded as market takers, but the rates for AMM will be different than the CEX
Oh, and we do have a Telegram:


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FLOOP staking information is found here:

Currently we have around 81 FLOOP staked which is around 400k USD worth! More than Ociswap or CaviarSwap USD liquidity!

It’s only the beginning, but the 7Day FLOOP staking yield is around 16.6% (5th September)

With Staking FLOOP there is ZERO impermanent loss, as you always get your FLOOP back + percentage of the transaction fees from CaviarSwap, AlgoPools + DSOR (In the future) :rocket:

When you stake your FLOOP you get sFLOOP back which also counts as a discount token on CaviarSwap so you don’t need to worry about trading fees!

Hope that helps : )