Ethereum delays Eth 2.0 upgrade - again !

Gosh this is worrying and some people thing it may not even happen. Seems like they are just unable to do what they say, do you think it will happen this year ?

The Ethereum upgrade will surely be deployed this year, but the delay is harming the network more than the developers, or even Buterin could actually anticipate. Investors growing more anxious by the day as they have started to believe that the Ethereum upgrade might not even come due to technical glitches and it is just a piece of consolation to overshadow the falling prices of Ether. The upgrade has become a double-edged sword for Ethereum, only time will tell how investors will react to further delays to this much-awaited Ether development.

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i don’t think so.

i have the feeling that eth 2.0 will never come.

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Yeah, this has been delayed by years now, when we reach the target quarter, they movie it away. I do see on Twitter, that they have some success on testnets, but it is really annoying from an investor perspective that they can’t meet their own roadmap.

I believe that it will eventually arrive though, but after that, we still need sharding from them.


What’s certain is that ethereum 2.0 is all issue sales, and they can’t solve their problems. It’s like frying the news so that Ethereum becomes a hot topic of conversation. I hope they never finish it because the bad impact on the ecosystem will come if there is a change.


Well they said in they actual found loads of bugs on the testnet. You can read the full article below, to me its unliley to happen this year because of thier track record of pushing it back, I am sorry for them but happy as this is bullish for radix.

On Friday, issues prompted developers to push Ethereum 2.0’s release date back after testing the merge for bugs on the Ropsten testnet, one of the oldest testnets for Ethereum. Fourteen percent of network validators, including those responsible for securing the network, were taken offline when the new code was deployed, according to one developer, Danny Ryan.

Oh no tis is not good!
This is indeed feeding the sad narrative around crypto even further

Even though I believe it is also good that they take their time to get it right just shitty if they keep delaying this…
I think anyhow it will happen at one point hopefully

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Well we all do, but this has been ongoing for over 5 years I think ? And they keep down playing it, the way I see it the are screwed either way, the longer they wait the more projects leave and the more their name is damaged, if they go ahead and it does not work out great oh gosh many will leave and again more damage to their name, their brand is really being tarnished now

I remember reading an article/watching a video somewhere on YouTube that Vitalik once said that eth road map is only 50% complete in terms of where it could go and its potential. We’re still waiting for an ETH 2.0 upgrade, however, eth in the past months released a series of upgrades that are trying to improve many aspects of the chain.

Eth will switch its consensus mechanism from PoW to PoS so taking time to make sure it’s well tested before being implemented only makes sense. New technology requires time.

Thinking about Radix, do you guys think that a delay for eth 2.0 is something good or bad?

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potentially good since it might get other projects which are in need of faster or cheaper transactions look for different projects

I feel that there is not much direct connection between it and Radix. Radix does his own job, delivering each phases until deadline. If Ethereum was to solve every issues with 2.0, I would say that it is not good for us, but that’s not the case, they will still be far away from sharding for example.

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The transaction from PoW to PoS will reduce energy comsumption of eth by 99.9%

Interesting I still think there is a long long way to go, Eth now have a track record of being unable to meet targets and when they do it makes no difference to the network, remember the London fork in December it was supposed to reduce the gas fees and it did nothing hardly at all, thank goodness Radix mostly keeps to its roadmap.

Luckily, radix is on the right path. I’m really looking forward to see how it will overcome problems and handle complex situations after the xi’an release.

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