Favorite turn-based strategy games?

I’m thinking of making a game on radix, and I’d like to hear about what your favorite turn-based games are and why.

What is it about the game mechanics that makes the game fun?

Bonus points if it’s a game with no graphics :slight_smile:

I’ll go with Civilization. The original 4X game.

Originally, I was pondering building a game on Radix myself, but then DefiPlaza happened and now I don’t have time to do it. But yeah, I think a turn-based 4X game would lend itself best to being implemented on-chain.

What makes it fun is the incredible replayability. Even to this day I wouldn’t mind playing some Civ II, though I have no time for it now unfortunately. There’s a bit of luck involved, but it’s mostly skill. And your success depends heavily on how you allocate your resources between military (short term advantage), wonders (racing for unique advantage), expansion (medium to long term advantage) and research (long term advantage).

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Thanks for the reply, I’ll make a note of:

“Deep strategy + lots of replayability + a bit of luck”

I still play some Civ V sometimes, and everytime the feeling is the same: it’s like going back in time. If you are really planning to build a game like Civilization on Radix, I will be your first supporter, I swear it :joy:

A project like this have a terrific potential and the features we can work on are limitless: from the idea of customizing your avatar, its clothes and weapon, to the possibility of creating a collection of NFTs related to the different wonders.

I played brogue (a roguelike), after 1000 tries I managed to finish it.

It catches you, one you start playing it you must go on, it’s like a drug

A nice (not turn based) blockchain based game is TheTower

I LOVE roguelikes. Never beat rogue haha but spent a lot of hours in many roguelikes, currently playing Peglin a bit and I have about 1000 hours in Binding of Isaac

I’ll have to check out brogue.