FOTON - NFTs Marketplace and Metaverse NFTs SDK on Radix šŸŸ¦

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FOTON is a Marketplace and SDK for Next-Gen Digital Assets powered by Radix DLT. The FOTON SDK is built to foster interoperability for digital assets either they being in the Metaverse or Web3.

Being built on top of the Radix public ledger the SDK will leverage both linear scalability for assets, speed, low cost of transfer and seamless development without risk of major security breaches like on Ethereum and similar DLTs.

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The Marketplace will be the first application developed with the FOTON SDK adding unique use cases and features.

The Foton token and the Tesseract NFT will be used as well on the marketplace both as a utility demonstration for future projects but also for governance and unique membership treats.

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As the project advances we will reveal more details and goodies for the community. Join our social media channels and let us know your feedback and wish list.

twitter: @FotonSDK
telegram: @FotonMarketplace
discord: invite link


Thanks Vlad,

Congratulations on your progress with the marketplace and the Nerdiverse! As a builder, of course Iā€™m interested to learn more about the SDK. What does it do, what does it not do? Do you have any docs?


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Hey, we are working towards September to reveal more. Might have some interactive demo for the Blockchain Conference in Amsterdam where the Radix Community participates.

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