Has anyone got crypto insurance?

I am thinking of getting crypto insurance for things like cerby rug pull and luna collapse and just in general to have to protect my portfolio, so I was wondering if anyone had it and what was the experience. Also if there are any ones you suggest :slight_smile:


well, i have an isurance for this. for the moment i can’t say nothing, because i’m waiting a feedback from the insurance company. from which country are you from? i can suggest sometjing for Switzerland or Germany.

Ah thats so helpful, please let me know if its good maybe they have services in UK. I think its important to have so I await your feedback.

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Wow I just realized I know literally nothing about that! Didn’t assume this could be covered by an insurance.
The quota would be super high or since the risks are rather a lot?
If possible could the people who have an insurance tell a bit how much it is?

I would love some feedback, maybe even a project built on Radix, it is certainty a growing industry and something I really want to invest in.I will update you if I subscribe to one, btw where are you based ?

I didnt even know there is something like an “insurance” for crypto, thats really interesting. I wonder if this can be covered through a smart contract unless current solutions are defi ones?

Never heard of something similar before. I think for most people having insurance would give them the confidence to self custody. But is it really worth it? Better than having an own ledger?

Oh its not like a ledger, its something you have to cover in case you get hacked or lose money ect , you have a ledger as well this is a separate matter, I will post some more information. This one is based in London, i am going to give them a call.

Looking forward to hear about it.
I am based not anywhere fixed so kind of everywhere all at once :wink:

I have also never heard this. Since crypto is pretty unregulated where I live, insurance even make this question more complex for now. So I don’t have one, but will check out later, if there will be more regulation regarding cryptos.

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I know a guy insuring his Pokemon Card since they gained quite some value the last years. I remember him saying it was basically possible to insure anything where he did it. You basically pick the amount you wanna get back as well as the exact definition of the “loss” and they tell you your monthly rate. And yeah this one scales with probability of the loss for sure. Crypto might not be worth to insure since the monthly rate will be massive and eat your gains.


I dont know I need to contact the one i mentioned but there are actual crypto insurers , this actually looks awesome. Protect all your crypto assets and earn profits in exchange for coverage liquidity. I know they are huge


Are you considering buying coverage with them or you’re still uncertain?

What are the strongpoints? Because I’m seeing that there are a lot of defi crypto-insurance (I will be honest, I never heard of something similar before this thread!), but they all look similar. What makes Bridge Mutual better than its competitors?