Have you ever considered the possibility for ethereum to purchase radix?

Radix is being considered an “ethereum killer”. The potential of this project is huge, and maybe one day it will completely replace ETH.

However, Ethereum objectively is the first smart contract giant. Its value could be compare to Mastercard, Bank of America, JP Morgan. What if Eth, waking up one day with a crazy idea in mind, decide to purchase Radix?

I dont think you can by radix, its decentralised, the tokens belong to the users, it would mean everyone selling their tokens back, its like saying can someone by bitcoin, no, because the network belongs to those who own the tokens. Apart from the fact if you could by radix, they would not be willing to sell it.

Well, maybe if we consider ethereum as the first largest smart contract market, and maybe vatalik is interested in owning a radix token or buying a radix company.
I thought it would look bad to him because that would be tantamount to confirming they weren’t able to fix the ethereum problem, and bringing in a new project. And I think it’s not good for decentralized finance that is shared by one side.

This is not like decentralization works.


IMO they cannot buy Radix but there can be “3 scenarios” I have pointed out here Who are the top competitors of Radix? - #10 by unghuuduc

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I think in the long term, Ethereum should be able to cooperate with Radix instead of a possibility to merge the two entity together. They will see that their tech can’t scale in the future (they already have big trouble implementing the merge and this is just the beginning), so it would make sense to work together with Radix in order to be part of the global success our tech brings. But yeah, this is probably not the most likely scenario that will happen.