Here is a list of some channels who have covered radix

Some large youtube channels have covered Radix , so have been sponsored but others have not, below are links to all these videos, its impressive to see what others have said, some big channels, but when do you think Guy from Coin Bureau will cover Radix ?

Ryan Matta

Altcoin Dailey

Alexander Lorenzo



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Another cool interview (with Piers) is this one from altcoin daily:

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I think this one was a sponsored one but the one by Alexander Lorenzo and datadash were not and both massive channels , thats really bullish imo.

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It’s good to have some sponsored interview. Sponsor interview with YT channels develops brand awareness.

However, this should be done without exaggerating. I often see some strange and nearly scam crypto projects sending huge amounts on advertising to draw more people in. Glad to know that this is not the case of Radix.

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