How can I see my delegators addresses?

Well title says it all i guess - did’nt find anything in the radix docs. I want to see the addresses that are delegating to my node.

BRGDS and thanks guys

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You can’t currently do this on the node itself (through the core API) but the team have confirmed this will be added back in, in a future update.

You can however use the Gateway API, by calling the /validator/stakes end point. Here’s a link to the Gateway docs: Gateway Validator Stakes


Thank you Faraz for your fast answer! Can you just give me an example of where I ask for that info? Do I request this via the browser or how does it work I can’t find that in the docs and I’m a beginner …
Thanks and best regards!

You could make the API calls in a browser, but the easiest way is to use something like Postman where you can build a collection of API calls. Alternatively you can use curl in your command line, for example the validator/stakes end point would be as follows (just edit with your validator address - note I add | jq at the end to prettify the output):

curl -s POST -k '' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '
  "network_identifier": {
    "network": "mainnet"
  "validator_identifier": {
    "address": "<VALIDATOR ADDRESS>"
}' | jq

Your a genius, thank you so much - worked perfectly! :slight_smile:

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