How easy would it be to create a clone/fork of the Radix ledger?

My question is since Radix has done all the hard work of creating this system which has taken 10 years, how hard would it be for a brand new company to duplicate it? Let’s says it’s 2025 and others have seen that Radix tech is the future, is the code open source? Can others like basically look under the hood and copy Radix, and, if so, I assume it will take less than 10 years?

I am just looking forward and wondering how this all might affect Radix, yes we might have market share but say Matic could see what Radix has done and start building competition, would love to know if Radix code is protected.


Radix Engine is open source, so I think that creating a fork would be pretty easy. That is necessary to allow the creation of private networks. One thing you can’t fork though is XRD, the token. No one would switch to an identical fork for no reason!
It would also be hard to “upgrade” and improve Radix before the team does so. Radix is in R&D for many many years!

Hhhmmm not so sure mate, look at sushiswap and uniswap, look at bitcoin cash, people may want another option incase something happens on that platform.

So you are saying xian can never be improved its the most perfect piece of ledger technology ever created and beyond improving even 10 years from now? Even hbar is similar right and a bid project , I dont know much about HBAR, but could someone build a radix competitor Hbar best parts.

Hmm true, but I think that forking a dApp is easier than forking a cryptocurrency. There’s much more behind a crypto than a dApp.
No, I’m not saying that Xi’an will be perfect, but I’m saying that the best people that will be able to improve it, will be the Radix Team itself, who worked on it for many years. Also, being open source, people could simply create a pull request with whatever improvement they have and then if it’s acceptable it will be merged. Who knows how that will work though, maybe through a DAO that will handle forks?

It’s hard to say right now.

Not sure all I am saying is looking forward if others see xian is what it claims it will be, then they will of course build something to try take that market share but by then hopefully we are really established eco system and I forgot also a very big library of code, its like trying to start a facebook, you just cant the beast is too big, as you say, we will see, I think they will try.

What also makes the situation for harder that Radix is a completely new network / engine. Like the example you mentioned, matic developers can’t really start up with anything related to Radix, because they are used to EVM. I like the idea of Radix being open source: that is step 0 towards decentralization.

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