How to backup your Radix Wallet

Your 12 words recovery phrase is the best tool to recover your wallet, but for additional safety measures you may also want to backup your wallet file (for example before updating your wallet, or to move your wallet to another computer).

Here’s how to:

  1. Open Windows Explorer (My Computer/My Documents)


  1. In the address bar, paste %APPDATA%\radix-olympia-desktop-wallet and press Enter


  1. To backup your wallet, simply copy the file wallet.json and paste it somewhere safe.


If you want to delete your wallet and start fresh, simply delete the file wallet.json.

To restore your wallet on another computer, simply do the same steps but instead of copying the file, paste it in the radix-olympia-desktop-wallet directory.


To protect or backup your wallet you should write down your 12 or 24 Word phrase.

When you make a wallet you see 12 word phrase
You can note it and hide it that’s third person can’t find out.