How to confirm the UnStaking amount had convert fee Balance?

I staked some XRD to the validator, then I request the unStaking amount, we know unStaking needs 1~3 weeks to covert free balance, is there some way to know the time when convert time, it will send a event in blockchain?
when unStaking due, need to claim reward again? as the test time so long in testnet, have no way to verify it

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Hi there, its 2 weeks un staking it goes on epochs, I am not sure if there is a way but I normally just check 10 - 14 days after I did it and you will see the xrd in you wallett, you dont need to claim. You can also check you wallet address on radix scan and it may tell you what is unstaking.

maybe no way to confirm it, the unStaking amount XRD will always get a reward until it change to free balance?
it`s true?

You can see un staking on radix scan , put wallet into radix scan and search then, click on Stake Positions
[Show details] and you can see it says there unstaking , you can also see rewards

I don’t feel that his second question was ansered with that reply. For the second question, I can give an answer from Radix official site:

When a staker requests an unstake, they will stop receiving rewards for the stake starting in the epoch immediately following the unstake request.