How to create a nfts minting website

while I am aware minting is not yet possible, I was wondering how I could create a nft website like those already running (scorpions, radderflies, bobcats). It looks to me they all use the same edited layout. Is there a git repository I can check?
Any suggestions?

And what about the filter search for metadata and rarity?

Thank you everyone

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They might look almost the same but I doubt they’re sharing code. There might be some code ready to use for an NFT gallery but I doubt it would be “compatible” with Radix. For example, on the RadderFlies website you can also see what wallet owns that NFT; that makes me think it’s all custom coded.

But maybe some project creator will chime in and give us a better insight.


Most of them are using abandoned scorpions for the UI and either manual reservations or RadixKickstart for the automated reservation system.

Is that open source, or did they pay for the code?

It’s open source in the sense that the html/css/js is public and it’s not built with react or anything so it’s easy to copy, and they got permission from the creator. I don’t think it’s on version control or anything, though.

And I don’t think they paid for it.

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