How to create a tokens on Radix chain?

How to make tokens on radix chain? And what is the future of radix in next 1 year?


Its very easy but you can get someone to do it for you. Have a look the getradix site

Radix Kickstart

Token Creation and automated orders for NFT projects on Radix

See on Radix List


The first liquidity locking and team vesting tool on Radix Network

See on Radix List

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i used the Xidar Token Creator.
Very easy to use.

You can also easily create it with python scripts. Would only cost you the transaction cost.

Link: GitHub - 0xOmarA/RadixLib: A Python package written to make the interaction with the Radix ledger easier.


Feel free to contact us at Radish (on Telegram). We’ve created tokens before, we only charge the network fee.

edit: We do audit the project before going through with it.

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I heard there’s a feature to easily generate tokens in Radbag, though I honestly haven’t figured out where it is. But in the end everything is easy because of multiple platforms Offers instant token creation, but the prices are quite diverse and some are expensive.

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