How to create an NFT on Radix?

Hello, how can I create an NFT on Radix? Where do I even start?


Wait team working on it . I think nft creation also mentioned in roadmap

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First you need to create the art with HashLips then wait for smart contracts.

What kind of help are you looking for?

Are NFTs - art + metadata - ready? If not I suggest a quick search on GitHub. Look for nft generators.
Hashlips will work too but it isn’t quite specific when talking about rarity %.

Smart Contracts aren’t available on Radix. You will have to wait for Babylon.
At this point you can only create tokens and make users reserve each NFT by buying those.


I think he was asking on how to create placeholder tokens for NFTs on Radix. We don’t yet have NFTs pre-Babylon, yeah.

i think many existing projects will never be minted.
i hope i’m wrong but to create a smartcontract wont be easy for everyone.

Okay thanks mate, im verry waiting babylon mainnet on radix

I hope you’re wrong. Radix dev community is so committed to help.
I guess there’ll be tons of tutorial and guides around.
I will certainly publish one.

yes, that’s true. devs and community are very helpful. maybe i’m the problem and my understsnding isn’t the best.

It won’t be complicated, you will just need a little effort and a good guide. I suggest to wait for Babylon just because at this point you can’t work with Smart Contracts. The way you handle NFTs is not super intuitive.
You can DM me anytime for any help!

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You mustn’t fear smart contracts. :slight_smile: There will even be python libraries available to make smart contracts for those not wanting to touch scrypto.