How to get airdrops worth 1000s of dollars, its very simple

I have had thousands of dollars worth of airdrops just from staking to juno, atom and osmosis ,most are great projects and some have over 1000 percent apy. Now is the best time to buy this tokens and stake to the validators in the keplr wallett. Its so easy and apr still good so win,win, just sharing this with others, so hope its useful.

Juno is a smart contract platform, the apy is 100 percent for staking
Atom is the main token for cosmos, the apy is 20 percent
Osm is a great dex, the apy is 60 percent.

You can get the airdop list from the TG. There are about 100 projects on there, lots upcoming and added.

I’m just curious, previously I also participated in several projects with staking and farming mechanisms with Apy or Apr more than 1000 percent. it was very promising at first, but it was terrible afterward, why is that? I’ve seen huge rewards make the number of tokens run out of liquidity and cause inflation very high with the initial number.

I don’t think I’ll try anything like that, since the mechanism can only last if more people continue to join in on it. And very fragile if it only has a few percent of Initial market cap.
So this is just my bad experience about Apy and high Apr.


Well it really depends on the tockenomics, its best to time it well and it goes down over time, the apr for staking juno, atom and osmo is between 20 - 100 percent, feel free to have a look into, the cosmos ecosystem is all about airdrops, which has really grown the economy and ecoystem. Cosmos is an impressive project, as its sole aim is to connect all different block chains together like a web3.

Yeah well maybe I’ll try to read more about the cosmos ecosystem. I was not too familiar with Cosmos before. Only focusing on 5 other smart contract platforms such as Ethereum, Binance smartchain, Polygon, and Solana. And maybe it doesn’t hurt, even though I have bad memories with high Apy projects maybe this is different from before.

Look, when a project offers you 1000 APY, it should really raise a red flag for you. Just like Anchor was offering high APY, and also Celsius did. We see what happened with them. What I also often see in this projects, that it doesn’t matter they offer a high return, when the value of the token decreases so much. Juno for example pretty much did a -95% under 3 months which stands out even in these bad market conditions.

What I can agree on is that the tokenomics of it looks much healthier than other projects which offers this high amount of airdrop.

I dnt think so , if its all part of the tokonomics then its fine, it goes done over time, osmosisi offered very high apy and its a great project, almost all the projects on cosmos are great, yes Juno went on a run for sure and its still a great project, amazing you should check it out. Th difference is these high apy are to secure the network, Anchor ect dont offer this to secure the network.

I agree with @TamasH , I am also always cautious when I see cryptos with exaggerated 1000 or 10000 APY (yes, you read it well). When coins have apy that are so high, it is probably a scam, or something that is unsustainable. However, I am also aware that osmosis do have a good APY (60%) since it is a great project. I currently have some atom and osmo staked in my keplr wallet