How to get recent Transactions?

It returns validation_errors when I query recent transactions, and I have add X-Radixdlt-Target-Gw-Api:1.1.4 to the request header.
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Refer to this document : Gateway API

See the error:

The at_state_identifier was not either (A) missing (B) with only a state_version; (C) with only a Timestamp; (D) with only an Epoch; or (E) with only an Epoch and Round

I think you can either use epoch + rounds OR timestamps, not both.

Using only epoch and round works, using only timestamp works as well.

Thank you for your reply. I have tried about using only epoch and round or timestamp but it doesn’t works.

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I think the error info is the possible error scenarios but not the correct request parameters.

You have to also remove version, I don’t think it can be used with epoch or timestamp.

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Thank you and I have send a request successfully.
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