How to get started in Radix


Note: This is a summary of all information you need to understand what Radix is. This is also the copy of the Telegram opening message, and will be updated regularly with new information.

The best place to stay informed is our website. You can ask questions about Radix here in the forum, or in our main Telegram group.

Introduction to Radix, the DeFi and the current problems of the crypto industry

What is Radix and what it’s trying to achieve?
Radix is a Layer 1 network like Ethereum or Bitcoin and aims to decentralize the financial world to make it faster, fairer, more transparent and accessible to more people.

What is DeFi?
Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, is a collective term for financial services offered through public DLTs. See our article or articles by Coinbase or Ethereum for further information.

:high_brightness: Why DeFi is the Future of Finance
Learn how DeFi will change each area of the financial world.

Why DeFi is the Future of …
:small_blue_diamond: payments
:small_blue_diamond: passive index investing
:small_blue_diamond: exchanges and trading
:small_blue_diamond: active investing
:small_blue_diamond: secured lending

:no_entry: What are the current problems of DeFi?
:small_blue_diamond: Q&A: What is the DeFi sector getting wrong right now
:small_blue_diamond: The Problem with Smart Contracts Today
:small_blue_diamond: It’s 10PM: Do you know where your tokens are

:bulb: How does Radix want to solve the problems?
:small_blue_diamond: How Radix Engine is Designed to Scale dApps
:small_blue_diamond: Radix Engine v2: An Asset-Oriented Smart Contract Environment
:small_blue_diamond: Scrypto: An Asset-Oriented Smart Contract Language
:small_blue_diamond: How a game engine for DeFi could facilitate accelerated development

:hourglass: What is the story behind Radix?
:small_blue_diamond: Dan and Radix’s Tech Journey

:open_book: Radix White Papers
:small_blue_diamond: Consensus Whitepaper
:small_blue_diamond: DeFi Whitepaper
:small_blue_diamond: Economics Whitepaper
:small_blue_diamond: Cerberus Infographic Series - Less technical intro to our consensus mechanism that has unlimited linear scalability and atomic cross-shard composability!

:small_blue_diamond: Radix Roadmaps (The 4 Phases of Radix)

  • Olympia (2021) - Live
  • Alexandria (2021) - Live
  • Babylon (coming Q1 2023)
  • Xi’an (coming 2023 / 2024)

:small_blue_diamond: Roadmap FAQ (Managing a Multiyear Mission | The Radix Blog | Radix DLT)
:small_blue_diamond: Wallet Roadmap (RDX Works Wallet Roadmap | The Radix Blog | Radix DLT)
:small_blue_diamond: Babylon Roadmap (Babylon Roadmap Update | The Radix Blog | Radix DLT)


Community Guide to Radix
:small_blue_diamond: A Complete Guide to Radix and the XRD Token

Where to buy XRD / eXRD?

XRD (+eXRD deposits/withdrawals)



:closed_lock_with_key: How to convert eXRD to XRD via Instabridge (KYC)
:small_blue_diamond: How to create your Instapass Identity
:small_blue_diamond: How to convert eXRD for XRD on Instabridge
:small_blue_diamond: Learn more about Instapass and Instabridge

A 2-way bridge without KYC is available in Bitfinex for those who aren’t excluded from the service.

:lock: How to use the Wallet
:small_blue_diamond: Radix Wallet Download
:small_blue_diamond: How to set up the Wallet
:small_blue_diamond: Desktop Wallet Introduction

:computer: How to secure the network with Staking
:small_blue_diamond: Staking & Validating: What You Need to Know
:small_blue_diamond: Radix Staking and Incentive Rewards Guide
:small_blue_diamond: How to Stake and Unstake XRD
:small_blue_diamond: Radix Staking Introduction
:small_blue_diamond: Staking Reward Calculator


Official links and safety tricks

:link: Website (
:link: Radix Announcement Channel (Telegram: Contact @RadixAnnouncements)
:link: Radix Blog (The Radix Blog | Radix DLT)
:link: Radix Twitter (
:link: Radix Discord (Radix DLT)
:link: Radix Reddit (
:link: Radix YouTube (
:link: Radix GitHub (Radix DLT · GitHub)
:link: Radix Developer Hub (
:link: Technical Documentation (
:email: E-Mail:

:small_blue_diamond:Radix Learn ( - Radix Knowledge Base / FAQ

:headphones: The DeFi Download Podcast (Podcast | Radix DLT - Decentralized Ledger Technology)