How to stop rug pulls like Ukiyo?

As Radix continues to grow it’s only natural for the amount of scams and rug pulls to increase. I’m curious if there’s a way or maybe a resource (possibly a white hat hacker) we could use that could help identify these people. I know there has been successful instances on other networks. I feel like if we can find way and doxx someone like the Ukiyo scammer for example, it would send a message to any future scammers and make them think twice. At the moment it seems like there’s an “oh well” attitude which I’m not a fan of. Obviously this is easier said then done but I’m curious as to what your thoughts are.

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That is actually a really good topic to think about.

I am not aware how to identify (like programatically) the creator itself.

Can you post few links where we can read about success stories? I believe the only time they succeeded, when there were public information available about the creator on the Internet.

But, I think you can figure things out about the art at least.

For example: If there is a completely identical art, I think a simple reverse image search can reveal that it has existed before.

If there has been some kind of transformation made to the art, it makes it harder. Still, I believe there is a solution for that which includes some deep learning knowledge.

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I don’t think there is anything wrong with trying warn people about suspected scams - but it’s unacceptable to propose doxing people and suggesting some kind of “vigilante justice”. That isn’t even acceptable on Reddit and it is definitely not acceptable here.