How will Radix survive a crypto crash?

I’m aware we’re already facing a sort of “crypto crisis” : the current slide of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is being caused by a combination of short-term and long-term inputs, including the Russia-Ukraine conflict, a larger financial markets and the crashing of a major stablecoin.

I am confident that Radix has one of the strongest proposition in crypto today and should be amongst the survivor in the hyptothetical scenario that some sort of a worst crisis start happening: how will Radix survive?

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Radix is ​​currently very focused on developing and bringing scrypto in our midst to be delivered on time.
Looking at the market sentiment even though it was listed, it had no effect and even the price continued to fight under the abyss. But on the bright side this is not the first time this has happened in the Cryptocurrency world.
Can only say we lose constantly, wherever we save money. I hope it ends in a clear and can see bullish after it goes off its peak in 2020.

More listings and creating volume is one way of surviving for now, as we won’t be getting any fomo for now.

I wish mental health to everyone


Radix has already survived ( just under another project name :slight_smile: ) many bear markets so far. They have been studying and experimenting since 2013.

Surviving can be split up into two categories I believe.

From a Team & technical point of view, this technology will survive, since it is unique in the space. I am not afraid it will be obsolete even with a multi-year bear cycle ahead of us. Team is well-founded, and have background financical resource to continue development under strict conditions as well.

From a price & investor point of view: We might not feel it, but Radix is holding up pretty well.


Radix has fallen ~41% in the previous 90 days, which puts us around ETH actually. We only fell as much as the second biggest cryptocurrency in the world. I think this is a pretty good sign. And also, never forget those continous exchange listing we are having right now. I say the future is bright.


Radix will survive perfectly well for the following reasons:
Fundamentals dont change, its still an excellent project
The community also really believes in the project
The staking rewards are good and will continue to compound
Babylon is just around the corner which is very bullish

Also I might add this is the best timing for radix, to be able to launch the next phase near the next halving is the best thing that can happen to radix @TamasH As Tamas says Radix has survived many bear markets and will continue to do so.

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@Ratty @TamasH @Dwiki Thank you for the time you all took to share your thoughts. They are much appreciated and provide strong reasons to believe that Radix is well-positioned to survive when crisis like this that we are facing now occurs.

I opened this topic since it’s good to understand in advance all those points so as not panicking when such a crypto crash tries to affect Radix’s development and to jeopardise its roadmap.

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