I have brought a few crypto domain names will these work on radix?

I brought about 20 different blockchain domains from unbeatable to resell for a profit late, all of them were purchased from https://unstoppabledomains.com/ , I hope I have not wasted money on them , does anyone know if these will also be able to be used on radix ?

Okay, so this thing is a new to me but a did a little research.

What I found that you can send this domain to someone instead of your wallet address, and he can send tokens there, and you receive your tokens in your wallet for example. I see that it has other use cases (mentioned here), but all use case seem like an for your wallett address in different situations.

I think it is rather a cool thing, than a financial investment, I probably woudln’t choose this for trying to make a profit on. Wish you very good luck with it! :wink:

Well its like instead of having a wallet address you can have a name or people to send money and also you can have web 3 name for your company on web3, but I do wonder if these will work on radix.