Idea of future listings: BSDEX ( Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange)


This is probably a pretty local request but aside from the big exchanges, I really find that BSDEX ( BSDEX | Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange , Twitter @BsdexE ) is a small trustfull one for EU / German users and I would really like to see it on the list of future exchanges where Radix DLT could be listed.

Anyone interested in this idea as well?

What about getting some Radix DLT leaders interviewed on their YouTube channel: ?

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I always welcome every idea which can bring us a new exchange. Since it is not a big exchange, I think the flow of this process should reversed: just like in most other cases, the exchange should write a proposal to Radix DLT about a potential of listing. They can do it by mailing them at

well, new exchanges are a good idea. but i think we have to target now for top3 exchanges. we have some new exchanges in july and i don’t think they will have a big impact for radix.

so, all effort on top 3 exchanges :fireworks::tada::confetti_ball:

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Basically I really like this idea more exchanges more volume to be created. I firmly believe if this continues we will break the current ATH limit. Although I mean not in the current state of the economy. :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s good, especially when some countries have started to take strict and strict measures, such as blocking foreign exchange platforms, such as in my country. Sometimes it is difficult to access some world exchanges even for binance we have to use a VPN, Maybe this is illegal but we have to do it.

I am not sure the radix team have time to do extra interviews and to be honest its only a matter of time before we get listed on binance or coinbase and we really will not be concentrating on smaller exchanges, just my view.