If you could give Dan Hughes one piece of advice, what would it be?

As the title says, if you could give Dan Hughes one piece of advice or one suggestion regarding Radix, what would it be? Obviously the goal is to improve Radix overall but the advice could be anything you think might be beneficial.


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Maybe in my mind only one, namely to invest in community improvement. Why is that important?
because as bad as a project is, if there is a stronger community then that is a good foundation.

Maybe I have an analogy like doge coin, I think this is a useless coin but it can be on top only with the strength of the community and fans in it.
However, technology development is also very important, because some people really focus on curiosity and development.
Especially for radix itself I think Please do an AMA together with the community to calm the hearts of existing investors.

Just a suggestion, to strengthen each other. I’m pretty sure a lot of people need some mental health advice.


The best advice I think is: take all the time you need to make something that will be unbreakable. At the same time, keep your focus on building a narrative that people will trust when markets get uncertain.


I dont think anyone on this site is qualified to give Dan advice lol, I would say rather make something that works well and take it slow, instead of rushing and fixing after, but he is already doing that.

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Lmao good point, I don’t think anyone is qualified to give Dan advice either but curious what those suggestions would be if it were maybe Opposite Day lol. My suggestion would be to turn the heat up on advertising/marketing in general while also trying new strategies. They should focus on the communities/countries that have low users as well. Maybe do some fundraisers for charity, things like that would be good for the brand. Oh nice we start getting closer to Babylon he should definitely drop some XRD on heavy advertising like TV, billboards, streaming ads or even a Radix blimp over London!!

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Hmm, I agree with you all that we probably can’t give technical advice to him. I mean he is developing the base of the future financial system, at least thats what we all think.

But what I would like to see from him is a little more engagement with the community. Like more frequent twitter posts with some status update regarding development, what he is thinking about the current market situation, etc.

I am not saying that this is his job (there is a clear role for that in Radix), but a little bit of more communication with us would be appreciated by me. :slight_smile:

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No you’re 100% right. Only a strong community could make a meme coin shoot through the roof! It’s funny because even if a project/token is complete garbage, it’s not stopping the power of a large and strong fan base. I wish we had a way to incorporate referral rewards to incentivize the spread of the good word. Like for every referral that leads to a new new address being created with a deposit of 250 XRD, the referrer receives a percentage of XRD or an NFT, something along those lines. Maybe even a royalty percentage off all future transactions on the new wallets their referrals helped create.

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I think this is a common scheme for memecoin to create hype by forcing the community to push the market to form Hype. Giving gifts from referrals is very effective because it is recorded and the competition between communities becomes stronger. Little little gifts for more attention.

That’s even though it’s not his job in the team but the community really likes the time together to communicate with the devloper, seeing the team is very active. Listen for updates regularly.


This may seem a little off the wall, but Dan working 16 to 20 hours per day is not necessarily good for the overall project. This has been going on for most of the life of the project or 9 years… Dan need to carve-out time for rest and family in his daily schedule, or he will burnout…


Really does he work 16 to 20 hours a day ? For real, I am totally with you if he is , you work better after rest, thats when you do your best work and more of it. But I think he also totally loves it, but lets say Dan was not able to keep going ect or got ill, would radix still be able to launch xain ?

I can say this, Dan is a visionary that works well alone. He has been this way since 2013 until at least 2018 or later, when Radix started hiring developers. With his wife and son now, I am not sure whether he is still putting in the long hours now that he does only the Research using Casandra network.

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I actually have two things to say, nay, three…
1)Distance Radix from USDT / Tether / Bitfinex as much as possible, storms a brewin’…
2)Please bring back the Emunie wallet feature of creating an item / token with a jpeg and apply it to NFT minting…
3)great work since the late beta speedtest runs… still keeping the faith…