I'm very bullish on Illuvium, an AAA blockchain game. Here's why:

illuvium is the first AAA block chain game the graphics ae amazing, its role playing game and the team behind it are crypto legends ( Kieran Warwick) , also if you stake your tokens you will get a part of rewards for all the money the game makes, thats incredible. They also had a land sale of over 20 000 lands, which i took part in and you can make money of the lands.

SO bullish, there are character to collect ect, have a look at the youtube and tell me what you think , this looks really high quality and it will run on an L2 so cheap fees.


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I heard several times about it. Several youtubers are (or at least were) bullish about illuvium. When it should launch?

Definitely a gem of a cinematic trailer, The fight for eth wooden sign in it looks goddamn cool, is the L2 gonna be Matic I assume?

Mate go and have a look at their YouTube channel , the game is amazing and has been in beta for months, the team behind are crypto legends, they are bothers who started some huge projects , only 10m max supply, its coming in about 2 months and will pump in the bear market, save this message as proof in a few months :slight_smile: All these guys are fully doxxed and as I said below they also have illuvium zero coming which is for mobile.


Oh go and watch the gameplay, it has deep strategy, you hunt and collect illvuims , its built on L2 immutable X and as I said if you stack your tokens you get a part of the rewards from the entire games economy, from land to sales of NFT, really this token is going to 10k easy. Please go on youtube and listen to the reviews on the beta, people are going nuts and also they have illvuim zero which is the game for mobile. Everything they have done so far as just been outstanding.

I will be honest, I never played Illuvium, and I can’t judge the project. Seems that you really like it, I will surely give a look at this, thanks for the recommendation. However, games have a lot of hype right now imo. Played some few crypto games before… the problem is always about sustainability and entertainment…

The majority of them seems to aim for “metaverse” style games… I will never give up my hope for a metaverse version of Skyrim :joy::joy:

Let’s see if this happens, fingers crossed for you.

I didn’t look much into the project but 10k sounds pretty high especially in this market

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical for the game play but just watching the video you shared right now…it seems quite cool, nice strategic elements and the characters look cool…personally in love with the pistol shrimp :wink:
(the rhino bug is even cooler I have to admit)

you already got to played it?

Yeah they definitely feed the hyped narrative and it always is a sketchy balance to maintain the play to earn economy. Yesterday I wrote from somebody in this forum that is feels like the problem is that is always you play to earn your income instead of the earning is just a neat side effect…actually I think you even wrote it somewhere if I am not completely off

that would be sick or a crypto borderlands style game

would also love to see some rogue like crypto games

10k is based on a mc of axie and this is way better than axie, game is in a worldwide beta at the moment, there is way more to it than just that video, way more, you can own land and I do, you can link up with other players to create mega cities to earn more, you hunt the creatures , yes i think in this market could go to 5k, but trust me games are going to be huge in bear market when people are able to earn money, play to earn is massive as those in poor countries can actauly make a living playing games, I will maybe buy some more land. Not played it yet but those who have say its so much fun and of course there is the game for the app.

Games definitely will be huge also potentially the axie players will migrate to this economy if the incentives are bigger