Introducing 🍕 MattiaNode

Validator Name - 🍕 MattiaNode (IT🇮🇹)
Validator ID - rv1qvjz86qwa7l80y8vhfuhz6957ch6texdmpk98rg2gtakhr0avan4jplkxy7
Fees: 1.5%


Contact Details


  • English
  • Italian

About Me/Us
Hello! My name is Mattia and I’m a 23 years old Telecommunications Engineering :satellite: student.
I’ve been following Radix since 2013 when it was still called eMunie. I decided to run my own validator to have an active part in the community and to promote decentralization.

I also wrote my own mini “wiki” to help newcomers with easy to follow how-to guides for staking and much more. You can find me on Radix’s Discord or Telegram channel, I often post there!

Validator Infrastructure
MattiaNode is running on a beefy self-hosted server in Italy, with an AMD Ryzen, 48GB of DDR4 3600MHz RAM, 1TB of NVMe SSD storage (WD SN750) and 1Gbit/s fiber connection, all backed up with an UPS that can keep everything running at least for an hour and a 4G LTE redundant internet connection.

We also have a backup node running in Finland with the same CPU, 64GB of DDR4 RAM, 1TB of NVMe SSD storage and 1Gbit/s fiber connection, always synched and ready to failover.

Everything is monitored with Grafana and multiple alerts are setup with UptimeRobot :robot:, PagerDuty and more.

I’ve been running servers in my homelab for quite some years now; I started small, with just some SBC (single-board computer), and now I have multiple VMs and LXC containers running across all my servers.
My experience with crypto goes way back though: I got into crypto around 2012, when Bitcointalk was the core of all cryptocurrencies. I mined Bitcoins and Ethereum using my own gaming PC and had lots of fun learning all kinds of new things.
I’ve been following Radix’s development since 2013 and also participated in eMunie’s beta-testing.

Why should delegators stake to your validator?
I’m pretty sure that I’m the only validator node running on a self hosted server, right here where I live!
By delegating your stake to my validator you’re promoting geographical decentralization and provider decentralization: there aren’t a lot of nodes running in Italy and none that are running on my ISP.
Most are hosted on Amazon’s AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or Hetzner, while my node is independent from all those companies.
If all those companies were to go down, most validators would be offline but mine would be still alive and kicking :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m also very dedicated to running a node since it fits two of my hobbies: cryptocurrencies and managing servers :grinning:

I successfully completed KYC with Radix Foundation and I am active in both Discord and Telegram groups, helping everyone that needs it and maybe even writing an article just to help them on my wiki.

All my XRD are staked at my own node, so you can bet that I monitor it closely :wink:
Oh and I’m an OciSwap partner! You get 10% more OCI if you stake at my node. Meow :heart_eyes_cat:

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!