Introducing "RadixDLT Staking 🇨🇭"

Validator Name - RadixDLT Staking
Fees: 0.99%


Contact Details
You can reach us via a variety of different communication channels:

  • Telegram: @Kesswitz
  • Discord: kesswi#1061
  • Twitter: @Kesswitz
  • Email: info [at] radixdltstaking .com


  • English
  • Germain
  • Turkish

About Me/Us
We are a small team of IT Infrastructure & Network Engineers and Crypto-Enthusiasts for many years. Our team is very experienced in operating mission critical IT systems and applications in an “Always-On” manner.

Validator Infrastructure

  • 0.99% fixed Validator Fee to cover our cost of Infrastructure and Operations
  • Local Datacenter Provider, no Hyper-Scaler Setup
  • Multiple Security Layers implemented
  • Backup Node and Processes in place to minimise potential downtime
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Alerting
  • Large Owner Pledge to the Validator Node
  • We are fully “KYC”-ed
  • Located and operating in Switzerland

Our team consists of professional Systems- and Network Engineers with a lot of experience managing and operating mission critical systems professionally. We work hard and relentlessly to optimize our Node’s uptime and hence our Delegator’s rewards.
We are a proud member of the Radix Validator family since the early Betanet days all the way through Mainnet launch.

Why should delegators stake to your validator?

  • We distribute XSEED-tokens to all our current and new delegators, which allows them to participate in our Staking Service economic success. So, just stake with us and receive XSEED tokens for free. Find more about the XSEED-token program here.
  • To provide our Delegators with additional incentives and benefits, we are forging partnerships with different Radix projects and Node Runners. Our current partner ships can be found on our website.
  • Sustainability and Green IT is very important to us. This was one of our main requirements when we evaluated suitable Datacenter providers in Switzerland. Luckily, we found Datacenters providers, who share our vision of a clean and sustainable IT Infrastructure.