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About Me/Us
Hi, I’m Stuart from RadixPool. We run professionally managed Radix Validators under our own name and for other clients.

Although RadixPool is a relative newcomer to the Radix Community, we were fortunate to be selected to take part in the Radix Betanet and subsequent Stokenet Test network. We have tried to make a small contribution back to the community by creating documentation, scripts, performance optimisations and providing support in the Discord channels.

Validator Infrastructure
RadixPool is running 8 servers supporting the Radix Mainnet distributed over 3 countries - Germany, United Kingdom and The Netherlands. Each Radix Node is running on dedicated hardware with a minimum specification of 64Gb ECC Ram, 2 x 1Tb NVMe RAID1 storage, 8c/16t CPUs and 1Gbit/s bandwidth. Every Validator node has a backup server of the same specification in a different geographical location to the primary. Multiple service providers (currently Hetzner, OVH, and Scaleway) are used to reduce operation risk due to a provider outage.

My most recent role was System Architect for a Fintech startup (Emerging Markets Bond Exchange) where I was responsible for designing and setting up the production infrastructure. I have also worked as a financial system integrator and worked on a trading floor for 6 years as a front office developer.

Why should delegators stake to your validator?
RadixPool is committed to supporting the Radix Community by building tools, understanding the Radix internals and creating documentation to share our experience and findings. RadixPool sponsors the RadixTalk forum.