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Fees: 1.50% and 2.00%


Services for the community

  • Validators
  • Radix Network Dashboard
  • Public Radix Network Gateway

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  • English
  • Spanish
  • Dutch

Introduction from the founder
Hi, I’m Bart from Amsterdam. I am a full-time entrepreneur since 2005. My core business is IT services for clients in the Amsterdam area. StakeSafe is a side business which I plan to become my core business in the future.

I was introduced to Radix in 2020 and bought my first eXRD tokens using Uniswap. For me personally, Radix brings together my passion for both technology and finance. The more I immersed myself in the tech and future possibilities of Radix the more excited I got. I started with beta testing for the Cassandra experimental network and met more people in the community. After this I was admitted to the Radix betanet program and the idea rose to start a node-running company which is StakeSafe today.

About Us
StakeSafe employs a professional team of node-runners. We run our nodes on high performance, high availability servers in different datacenters and geographic locations ensuring best possible service levels. On top of that, we don’t use cloud services like Google or Amazon, we think it’s important for the network to push for decentralization. This makes the network safer and improves availability. Staking at Stakesafe ensures your stake will contribute to the network safety while you don’t have to worry about your APY as you can simply count on a team of professionals to safeguard your investment.

All our hardware, configurations and systems are customized to run Radix nodes with best in class performance. Failures of our validators will be automatically detected within seconds and will trigger a seamlessly failover to one of our backup servers. Our backup servers are ready in case a validator goes down.

Our small team currently consists of two professional network engineers (senior & junior), a graphical designer and a developer.

Validator Infrastructure
We are running three dedicated servers with each 256 GB RAM and NVME disks spread over three data centers which we use to run several virtual machines with nodes for the Radix networks.

There are ± 10 nodes on mainnet to achieve high availability for our three validators on Radix Mainnet. A single node is running on Radix’s test network StokeNet without a backup node.

We host a webserver, monitoring server and two seperate Radix Gateway API’s for our services. One of the Gateway API’s is public available for the community.

As professional network engineers our passion is to run high availability services and resolve problems under some pressure.

Next to running validators we host and monitor several IT services for our clients such as internet connections, virtual servers and hosting services.

Why should delegators stake to your validator?

  • We prefer to keep your finances boring and flourish your stake in time. StakeSafe is a very stable node-runner which has the sole purpose to keep our high availability services running at all times and be very transparent about our fee’s and future plans.
  • Own dedicated hardware in three different availability zones
  • Nodes are run with our own non-standard configurations which have been intensively tested since betanet
  • Self developed monitoring & automatic fail-over system: we check for failures every second and our backup nodes are ready within seconds as well in case a validator goes down
  • We care about the community and the network. We are active in the node-runners community to help other validators.
  • StakeSafe’s Radix Network Dashboard was build to share unique new network metrics with the community. We did a lot of research and development to make this possible. When you stake with us you help us to be able to offer this service.
  • We partner up with projects which we think add something to the Radix ecosystem and our delegators