Is it better to have a limited supply or infinite supply?

I think limited is better but what happens when all the tokens are vested like wth ociswap, how will people be rewarded when the rewards are finished ?

I know eth has an infinite supply I am not a fan at all, also pancake swap, but it does mean they can keep rewarding others, also how does one work out the market cap of a token if there is no a limited supply ?

intuitively I would have said limited supply is better since it increases the scarcity and the value of the asset…yet thinking longer about it I realized that first I know to little about the different consequences of these different tokenomics and firther more I believe that maybe there is not better or worse but rather it depends what the utility is of the asset
BTC developed into a store of value most probably due to the limited supply
ETH is a smart contract network and not in itself meant to be a store of value?
And the infinite supply maybe helps to regulate the market better via rewards?

I would say limited supply too. The point of crypto is to rethink finance, and a fixed supply is a pretty promising long-term model.

@Ratty PancakeSwap is another project I love. Great community and solid project. It lost a big part of its real value during these days, but I’m pretty confident it will come back stronger in the bull run. PancakeSwap now has a hard cap of 750M tokens thanks to a deflationary mechanism used to make deflation high than emissions. Give a look:

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I see, not too sure if the cake token will truly recover because when it came out there was no other cheap smart contract defi options now there are loads, i think the ship may have sailed but I need to look at token price again

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