Is Radix a blockchain and if not then what is it a DAG?

This is a question I was asking and I found a great answer to it, so please do read and let me know what you think, hope its helpful.

Timestamped video: Radix Technical AMA #10 - YouTube

A block consists of transactions
(!) But the next thing the network does is not necessarily a bunch of transactions
A proposal, in consensus, is the term for what a network running consensus might process next (that could be a single tx or multiple related transactions)

At the lowest level (cfr. local Cerberus consensus) there are chains of proposals
At the next level up (cfr. global emergent Cerberus consensus) there are DAGs that have references to all these chains of proposals on the level below it (connecting the cross-shard part with the within a shard parts)

So you got sort of a field of proposal chains with on top a field of DAGs referencing those proposal chains

I imagine a field with rows of crops and there’s some accounting happening that is referencing those rows as having some sort of relationship together (for example which ones were planted together). Might be a bit of a botched analogy tho :')

PS. A blockchain is basically a single branch of a DAG

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Thats so confusing…

Found this article maybe helpful: What is DAG Distributed Ledger Technology? | by Max Thake | Medium(DAG,cycles%20connecting%20the%20other%20edges.

I just read it but gonna go over it again to many complicated crypto slang words